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"The first human who hurled an insult instead of a stone was the founder of civilization." 
– Sigmund Freud

Prejudice and aggression are innate to the human condition, and can't be adequately contained until their origins and meaning are explored. WagingDialogue.org is developing a research methodology to create safe arenas in which members can become aware of their conscious and unconscious prejudices, consider the responses of others, and channel aggression more constructively.

PLEASE NOTE: After six years of hard work and active discussion, the forums have been retired. You may continue to read about the Waging Dialogue initiative on these pages and learn about our other innovative projects at changingourconsciousness.org.

The Waging Dialogue Forums
researching, developing and promoting psychoanalytic solutions to social conflict

The rules of the culture in these forums includes safeguards to maintain confidentiality and restrictions on new memberships which are designed to solidify group identity and ensure continuity. Read the User Agreement>>