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"The first human who hurled an insult instead of a stone was the founder of civilization." 
– Sigmund Freud

Forum 5
Masculinity and Femininity

This forum will discuss the determinants of sexual orientation, the social, political, economic, personal and sexual consequences of gender role identity, and will work to clarify the meanings of the words “masculine” and “feminine.” How do we recognize gender-related differences that need to be accepted vs. those that need to be understood in a way that necessitates social change? (E.g., is it an appropriate societal goal that men change an equal number of diapers and women have equal representation as CEOs?) Sexual norms, cultural and religious differences, stereotyping en route to theoretical model building, and the need to develop insight into our own conscious and unconscious hetero/homophobias are likely to be useful sources of dynamic tension for this group.

A long-term goal for this forum might be the development of a theoretical paradigm that would be useful in the political arena as our leaders work to redefine marriage, adoption, maternity/paternity and other gender-related laws.