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"The first human who hurled an insult instead of a stone was the founder of civilization." 
– Sigmund Freud

Self vs. Other

This forum began in September 2004 as a moderated listserv dedicated to a discussion of psychoanalysis and society. As problems arose, participants recognized the need to create a safer structure. The group transitioned to this forum, replaced the moderator with the contract, and reframed its mission to address the question,

“If I sincerely, powerfully believe something to be true and others around me don’t, what, if anything, should I do? If someone expresses a belief that I have a sincere and powerful objection to, what, if anything, should I do?”

Political, cultural, religious and other identity differences are debated as they exist on the world stage, in theoretical/philosophical paradigms, and within each and every one of us. As the group slowly builds trust, members give voice to their beliefs and prejudices and witness the consequences of doing so. Our long-term goal is to foster empathy, improve communication, and develop insights into the dynamics of social conflict that we hope to pass on to the world-at-large.

Individuals who are interested in joining Forum 1 should be aware that they are entering a process that has been ongoing for several years, and they must be sincerely motivated to make the attempt. Prospective new subscribers will be asked to provide information about themselves that can be shared with the group, and forum members will have the option of inviting them to join. If many people express interest, another forum with the same topic may form at a later time.